September 9: Remember Attica!



This week, on the 45th Anniversary of the Attica Prison Uprising, prisoners across the US will go out on strike on September 9th against prison slavery while in North Dakota, the National Guard is being called in as a court decision approaches on the same day regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. In both cases, the State attempts to present itself as neutral; merely a third party mitigating between corporate bodies, local governments, and concerned groups of citizens. But in all cases, the State instead is an apparatus of domination and control that protects these systems of industrial neo-colonialism and slavery. It does this to ensure that both the class-rule that is inherent within this system is preserved and ensure the passivity of the poor and working population. How does it do this? Simply: through massive amounts of violence, surveillance, police, and above all, prisons. 

On September 9th, thousands of people on both sides of the prison walls are going to be taking to the streets, taking to town squares, and taking action, both as individuals and as collective groups. At the same time, there is a call for solidarity actions with the indigenous water protectors in North Dakota, and cities across the globe are currently mobilizing as the National Guard has already been sent in to conduct check points. Water protectors are calling for backup, as thousands have now created a living communal defense camp along the Missouri River. Meanwhile in Florida, hundreds of prisoners have already kicked things off with a round of riots, smashing the prison and taking over four dormitories. According to local news reports, 400 prisoners were involved in the uprising and guards from up to 5 other facilities were brought in to put down the revolt.

This resistance comes not from the Democratic Party nor the pro-capitalist labor unions that support it, the NGOs or non-profits which act as a wet blanket on revolt during every uprising, or the self-appointed activist leaders who seek to manage and contain social movements and struggles, but instead has built itself from ground up through endless and tireless hours of letter-writing nights, noise-demonstrations, community meetings and conferences, call-in campaigns, bloody riots, nights spend wheat-pasting and spray painting, and mass strikes.

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